"I'm Venita Peyton"

Venita, born  to the late John Arthur Peyton Sr. and Lillian McDowney Peyton was the 5th of their 6 children.  Her siblings are Francis, John Arthur, Jr., Sterling, Carolyn and Patricia Peyton.

Though initially attending King George County Schools in the late 60s, her family was forced to have her bussed to Westmoreland County Schools in 1972. Her bus ride to Washington and Lee Sr. High School in Montross, was over an hour each way daily.

Tragedy struck the family in August 1971 when her mother, Lillian, died unexpectedly from an undiagnosed case of high blood pressure. Venita's  father, John, courageously raised Venita and Patricia while their oldest sister, Carolyn, worked hard to complete her college education at Virginia State University.

A fatal car accident claimed the life of Mr. Peyton in March 1972. Another fatal accident took the life of beloved sister, Patricia, in August 1974. Because she had been accepted to Old Dominion University, Venita quietly packed all of her belongings and moved to Norfolk.